Drop in Clay Workshop – Pay as you go!


Every Wednesday Drop in sculpture workshop.

Afternoon workshops  2 pm  – 4 pm  Ends 27th Sept – Rejoin us Jan 2018

Evening workshops  6 pm – 8 pm running thought the year

Min two hour visit

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Simply arrange to Drop in when time permits, rather than enrolling on a full time course.

You pay as you go at an hourly rate and purchase materials when required.

An increasingly popular opportunity for those who wish to explore sculpture to join us on an informal basis. We have an ever greater number of individuals who join us for these rare opportunities to explore clay sculpture work.

As a rough guide a sculpture will take about six weeks ( twelve hours) to complete allowing for drying times & any painting or finish you wish to apply – this time is only a outline as each sculpture would be dependent on the size and complexity of the model.

These workshops are not taught sessions, but technical support is available.

Workshops Times

Every Wednesday

Day Times  2 pm – 4 pm Afternoon workshops ends  27th Sept 2017 – commencing again – Saturday 13th Jan – 11 am – 1 pm

Evening workshop  6 pm – 8 pm running throughout the year

Cost £20 two hour workshop excluding materials.

Further sculpture course opportunity    Starter Modelling Clay Sculpture Course  six week course – New year date Tuesday 23rd January 2018


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Affordable Studio Art holds a risk assessment policy for staff and students which is in line with the current Health and Safety Executive recommendations. All students are requested to complete an Affordable Studio Art Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form.



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