Modelling Heads & Faces in Clay


A five week course – Alternative Sat Mornings  time 11 am – 1 pm

 Start date – 20th January 2018

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Working with clay allows for a unique form of expression. Clay is a natural outlet to relax with, and empty the mind. This unique course offers a variety of creative techniques, whilst being incredibly tactile. No experience is required, the course is fully tutored.

Over the five weeks you will be able to produce your own unique sculpture.

This course will enable you to explore and experience working with a natural range of materials to create a three dimensional form. Your skills and

ideas will expand as you experiment and explore this fascinating material, thereby enabling you create a highly personal artistic response to your initial ideas.

All students are supported and encouraged to extend their techniques, whilst developing personal work through individual guidance. It is suitable for those

with prior knowledge,  as well as for others with some or no experience some basic practical skills would be an advantage.

This course is designed specifically to explore portraiture in a sculptural form.

Demonstrations are given on how to build an armature or frame work, each being unique, and dependent  upon the shape and size of the intended outcome.

On completion of the armature the clay is applied to the surface, this can be decorated whilst moist. Finally the piece is dried, sealed and painted.

This course is open to all – and great fun!!!

All materials are purchased including clay at cost price on the course. Due to the nature of similar ceramic materials used on our other courses and to avoid cross contamination, we request that our students work in our own studio materials.


Course Program:

Week 1. Introduction to Clay and tools.

How to make an armature, and how to construct the head mass.

(We will supply stand which will be used to incorporate in the head, neck and base. This is charged at cost,

but is not included in the course fees)

How to incorporate neck,and stand.

Anatomy of the head, neck and proportions.

Week 2. Modelling a head.

Roughing in the head, face and detail.

Week 3. Detail and expression.

Refining details and facial surfaces.

Week 4. The finished surface and final touches.

Sharpening of detail and colouration.

Week 5.

Finished surfaces, detail to colouration and base.

What you need to bring with you 

You will need to bring images or drawings for your  sculpture, we can then use these with you as your inspiration and starting point.

Wear old clothes, and you might like to bring an apron. Then you are set to go!!!

Affordable Studio Art holds a risk assessment policy for staff and students which is in line with the current Health and Safety Executive.

Recommendations – All students are requested to complete an Affordable Studio Art Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form.


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